You can expect your first visit to last about an hour. We'll begin by asking you to fill out a complete medical history form, which we'll discuss in detail. This will give me an overview of your general health history, and an understanding of the development of your chief complaints, and will allow you to bring up any questions you may have. I will then observe your tongue, feel your pulse and palpate your abdomen. These steps are part of Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis and help me to evaluate your overall health and to determine which acupuncture points and which Chinese Herbal formulae might be relevant to your treatment. Where musculo-skeletal evaluation is indicated for such conditions as headache, sports injuries, etc. I will perform a physical exam relevant to the situation. We'll then discuss the course of treatment I feel will benefit you most, the number and frequency of visits I recommend, and the relevance of such modalities as massage, electro acupuncture, herbal prescriptions, nutrition and exercise in the overall treatment plan. You'll find more information on pricing and insurance here.

Everyone reacts in different ways to acupuncture treatment, so it is always difficult to determine precisely what will be needed at the beginning of a course of treatment. Typically for a chronic condition that is of more than three months duration a minimum of six to ten treatments will be necessary, beginning twice a week, then moving to once a week. The effects of acupuncture are cumulative and I usually expect patients to feel some improvement after three to four treatments in a chronic condition and perhaps immediately in an acute condition of recent onset.

Most people, myself included, are understandably nervous about getting their first acupuncture treatment. It is important to remember that the needles are hair thin, very rarely cause bruising and are not hollow, so they do not hurt like getting a shot or having blood drawn would. If a needle hurts for more than a few seconds after insertion then I'll take it out or adjust it so that it is comfortable. I generally use from six to ten sterile disposable needles for each treatment and leave them in place for approximately twenty minutes. Many patients experience a sense of profound relaxation and well being during the treatment. Because of this, I think you will find your treatment to be a source of pleasure rather than anxiety.


I am currently seeing patients on Wednesdays from my Home Office Clinic in Santa Monica, located at 2212 Pearl Court in Santa Monica (park and enter from the alleyway behind 2212 Pearl St - see map).

I am also available for Home Visits. You can contact me via text at 310.266.5466 or email at needles22@aol.com.

Questions? Email Michael Waterhouse

To schedule an appointment, please contact Michael Waterhouse via at text 310.266.5466 or email at needles22@aol.com

"At four months pregnant I was suffering from nausea and back pain that was preventing me from sleeping. The treatment not only alleviated these symptoms but gave me peace of mind about having a joyful pregnancy."

L.G., Whittier

"My life has totally changed. I feel much better, both physically and mentally. "

Y.O.R., Los Angeles

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